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Nexus PMG opens second office location in Texas to accommodate growth

Building on its success in Texas and across the globe, Nexus Program Management Group, LLC (“Nexus PMG”) is expanding with the establishment of an office in Abilene, Texas. The move will position the firm for success as it continues to support lenders, developers, and owners in every phase of the projects that drive their growth…

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5 Tips for Writing Better Monthly Reports

Project reporting is a useful tool for both on-project and off-project management entities. The monthly progress report is typically a book of record and can be called upon in a legal dispute. It’s the professional responsibility of all project members to accurately report the project…

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Understanding Commitments, Expenditures & Payments

Understanding Commitments, Expenditures & Payments Before we discuss commitments, expenditures and payments, the concept of cash flow must be addressed. Commitments, expenditure and payment plans and curves are often mistakenly confused with cash flow. A typical cash...

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Understanding Contingency

Understanding Contingency Many are familiar with the concept of project contingency, but may not know how the value is initially calculated, when it is drawn from, and how to effectively generate an appropriate draw down curve. First let’s review the general concept...

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5 Reasons to Record Meeting Minutes

5 Reasons to Record Meeting Minutes Meeting minutes are essential. Many of you likely spend your entire day in meetings, and often the result of a meeting is to have another meeting. You can easily become overwhelmed with deliverables that result from a meeting, or...

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Types of Project Conflicts

Types of Project Conflicts There are different types of project conflicts found among teams and managers, due to differing personalities and sense of priorities. A good project manager needs to anticipate such conflicts and be able to resolve them amicably for the...

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Understanding the Change Management Process

Understanding the Change Management Process Change management is the backbone of project cost control. After all, if there was never any change or deviation from your original plan, and things went exactly as they should, there would be little need for project...

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Understanding the Project Baseline

Understanding the Project Baseline A project baseline serves as the basis against which you are going to deliver your project and measure its success. It is a critical document essential to successfully deliver a project on schedule and within budget. Without, a...

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