Construction Monitoring

Monitoring Every Phase of a Project

Nexus PMG works with industry-leading institutional lenders and owner/operators to ensure projects are closely monitored and accurately assessed to protect stakeholder interest.


Contract Compliance

We analyze contract and project execution to ensure compliance with commercial terms and contractual requirements.

Design Compliance

We observe construction efforts carefully to ensure they proceed in accordance with design specifications, codes and standards.

Quality Audits

We conduct a careful review and analysis of all quality control reports, lab results, logs, inspection reports and safety reports.


Contingency Evaluation

We evaluate all project risks, potential change orders, scope gaps and the project budget to determine the health of contingency accounts.

Progress & Schedule Audits

We provide an independent review of progress reports to evaluate reporting accuracy and determine variances in budget and schedule.

Cost-to-Complete Reviews

We assess the “to-go” project costs and change management program to establish an independent view on the total project cost forecast.

Elevated Project Monitoring

There is no better way to capture and monitor project progress than analyzing it from a drone’s-eye view. We will capture and narrate drone videos upon request which can be used to audit construction progress, facilitate lender review meetings or present a time-lapse view of project construction.

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