Construction Claims

Claim Development & Defense Services

Our team of experienced claim consultants will ensure that your claim package is supported by data-driven arguments that maximize your claim value.

Claim Impact

We provide an unbiased assessment of claim strength and determine a justifiable impact valuation.

Change Orders

We quantify and substantiate the cost and schedule impacts resulting from the cumulative impact of change.


Delay Claims

We analyze schedules, events, sequence of work, construction changes and the delay impact.


Forensic Analysis

We use project data to conduct the detailed forensic analysis necessary to deliver substantiated arguments.


We conduct thorough analysis for directed, constructive and voluntary acceleration claim environments.


Concurrent Delays

We can assess if two or more delay events occur within the same time period and affect the completion date.


We assess the impact of late deliveries, interferences, access issues, RFI logs, and drawing revisions.


Cardinal Change

When your project no longer resembles the project you bid, we can help maximize your claim position.

How We’re Different

Hand-Picked Teams

We take the time to evaluate your claim position, adequately define your needs, and leverage our extensive network of consultants to hand select and assemble the team that is best suited to maximize your claim package potential.

Data-Driven Analysis

We pair seasoned claim consultants with industry leading forensic analysts to identify the best claim arguments and substantiate them with the detailed data-driven analysis needed to ensure the integrity of the claim package.

Reduced Overheads

With an extensive network of independent claim consultants around the globe, we are able to assemble the best team to match your exact needs, offer competitive billing rates and maintain a low-cost overhead model.

Proven Track Record of Claim Success

We deliver world-class claim packages that result in maximum recovery and reduce the likelihood of a costly and time-consuming court battle. By assembling teams with skill sets that specifically address our clients’ claim development or response needs, we regularly obtain results that exceed their expectations.

International Solutions

We lead claim package development and assist with disputes all over the world, including North America, the Middle East and Latin America.

DIVERSE Backgrounds

Our team includes former executives, project managers, project controls managers and lead engineers from top global EPC firms.

Dispute Experience

We have experience in several aspects of legal controversies, including providing deposition testimony and assisting with dispute resolution strategy.


We leverage proprietary software technology to conduct data-driven analysis that ensures your claim arguments are substantiated.

Client Case Studies

Subcontractor Mining Delays

The Claim

Our client was the prime contractor on a mining operation and received a claim package from a subcontractor citing access issues and delays caused by other subcontractors under our client’s management. The claim was submitted for an amount in the low nine figure range.

Our Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive schedule forensics and delay analysis and also analyzed the integrated schedule to establish that the subcontractor was late in commencing work in certain areas, thus creating the self-imposed contractor interference and access issues. We clearly demonstrated that if the material and equipment had been available, the subcontractor would not have been ready or had sufficient manpower to install it. We also successfully showed that the subcontractor’s self-imposed schedule delays hindered the progress of other contractors on site. Finally, we demonstrated that the subcontractor was not abiding by contractual provisions governing submission of RFI’s and change orders.

The Result

We advised our client to reject the claim’s full value and offer a significantly lesser amount, which we deemed to be the fair value of the claim following assessment. The claim was ultimately settled for an amount equal to 20% of the originally submitted value and substantially less than the client originally anticipated.

Prime Contractor Complications

The Claim

Our client was an oil and gas subcontractor performing construction only for a prime EPC contractor that was responsible for engineering, procurement & construction. The prime contractor was extremely late in delivering engineering, never met its contractual milestones and issued a high volume of drawing revisions late in the project causing our client to suffer loss of productivity.

Our Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive schedule forensics and delay analysis and also analyzed the impact nature of RFI’s. We clearly established the impact that late drawing issuance and extensive drawing revisions had on the project in general and our client’s ability to perform its obligations. We also performed a craft saturation analysis and built an impact timeline to demonstrate how the the prime contractor’s failures resulted in damages to our client.

The Result

We developed a settlement package for our client seeking three times the amount our client originally planned to pursue. We were ultimately successful in helping our client obtain twice the amount it anticipated and without having to retain expensive legal counsel and seek compensation in arbitration.

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